Ending the Tuition Extortion Racket!

Rising tuition” is not caused by “rising costs,” some mysterious force of nature. It
is the deliberate policy of colleges and universities to continually raise tuition to
pay for continued higher salaries.

Then trustees cry “poverty” over “rising tuition” that they cause with extravagant

This extortion racket has sent college students and their parents into $1.4 trillion
dollars of student loan debt.    

Students serve as indentured servants to the colleges for years after they
graduate.  While parents struggle to pay off second mortgages.

Ending the Tuition Extortion Racket! shows how students and parent can stop this
billion dollar extortion racket.

Find out how much they make at your school: Go to
www.guidestar.org  [enter
school in search box]  [click Show 990 Forms]  [Find Schedule J and L]
Tuition Strike!
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