Organize: Politics is Lists

In order to build an effective chapter of a College Parent Association or of a Student loan
Justice Association it is necessary to build a large list of supporters.

  • Create both a website and Facebook page for organization using the abbreviations cpa
    and slj.     

  • Create an email address.
  • Solicit members
  •  Fall 2019 hand out print to parents and new students
  •  Print flyers
  •  Have your students blanket college with flyers, dorms, etc.
  •  Advertise in student newspaper

  • Student Loan Justice Rallies
  • Purchase and distribute buttons   (purchase in bulk using these PDF's,  SLJ,  
    Tuition Strike,  CPA.)
  • Gather names of students and amount of loans
  • Publish the name and college address of the President of the Board of Trustees,
    encourage students and parents to write him.
  • Create email list for mass mailings using MailChimp or other such services

  • Write letters to the college paper.
  • Organize on campus meetings.
  • Demand meeting with Board of Trustees.
Tuition Strike!
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