• Don't pay any tuition increases in 2019-20.
  • Start a Tuition Stike!
  • Parents, send in a check in the fall of 2019, with no tuition increase from the previous year.
  • If one set of parents doesn't pay an increase, they are in trouble. If all parents don't pay an
    increase the school is in trouble.
    Don't take out any student loans in 2019-20.
  • Students, refuse to sign for any new loans in 2019-20
  • If one student doesn't take out a required student loan, the student is in trouble. If all
    students don't take out student loans, the school is in trouble.
  • Force schools to lower salaries to increase scholarships to eliminate all student loans.

    Students organize a Student Loan Justice group.
    Parents organize a College Parent Association.

    When you are organized and control the tuition money, you control the school.
    Buy buttons and promotional material to get started, gain awareness, gain support. Buy the book to learn
    how to organize, where to find information, etc.

    To find out how much adminstrators and teachers make, click here.  Enter the name of your institution
    and then click Show Form 990's, pick a year, then search through to find Schedule J, (somewhere in the
    middle), which will list the highest paid employees.  NOTE: IRS tax returns are only required for private
    schools, not public, government financed schools.
Tuition Strike!
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